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Vermont Business Filing Tips

Business filing tips for Vermont

Vermont processes both mailed and online filings. The state also requires original inked signatures for mailed filings. Your Vermont registered agent does not have to sign your Vermont business registration form, but if you are changing your company’s Vermont registered agent to us, we mail out a VT registered agent consent form with our original signature on it the same day you sign up for service with us.

The good thing is that the VT SOS only takes 1-3 business days to process online filings.

If you’re registering an out of state llc or corporation, you have to get a certificate of good standing from your home state of organization or incorporation.

If you have a foreign corporation, you have to put in a name in all the sections on the Vermont business registration form, even the Vice President regardless of you not having one. Many corporations don’t have a vice president, so just use one of the other officer’s names to put down.

You’ll notice that domestic and foreign Vermont LLCs use the same Vermont business registration form. I guess you could say we like to keep things simple! One thing you’ll really want to make sure of is to mark “NO” for member liability for LLCs.

We act as the Vermont registered agent for many LC3’s and low profit LLCs. You simply sign up for our VT registered agent service where you’ll have access to all our Vermont business filing tips, and then make the filing with Vermont for a low profit limited liability company.